The Streets Barbershop

Homeless Hair Cut

The Streets Barbershop is an idea born from the inspiration of service. Placing people before profits, Directors Richard and Pierre see an opportunity to do business better: to re-invent the art of barbering by drawing from the past, when barbershops were the heart of a community; and looking to the future, where the opportunities that come from training, mentorship and service become an integral part of what we do.

Richard Furnari, Founder and Director of National Trucks, has distinguished himself as a business leader, successfully launching and running companies which have grown to National proportions. As a Director of The Streets Barbershop, Richard brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience, matched only by his commitment to giving back to his community. As the creator of, Richard is tackling the issue of homelessness head-on, driving a revolution in the way the problem of homelessness is addressed in Australia.

Pierre Johannessen, Partner, Johannessen Legal, is a passionate entrepreneur, with wide-ranging experiences with start-ups and community involvement. As a lawyer, Pierre deals primarily in business and commercial matters; as the Chief Executive Officer of an international not-for-profit, Pierre has distinguished himself as both a Young Australian of the Year and an advocate for corporate social responsibility on both a local and global level. As a fellow Director of The Streets Barbershop, Pierre is excited to bring his unique skill set, experiences and passion to this initiative.

We’re a barbershop with a difference, throwing back to the old days when barbershops were a neighbourhood hotspot, where the community came together, found solace in their shared experiences of their daily lives, and supported each other through the good and bad times. We’re different because our profits don’t just come from dollars, they come from the creation of a community that cares for each other. Our mission is to be a hub for social action: through training of ex-cons, through promotion of mental health awareness, through education for at-risk youth, specifically in coffee and barbering; through tackling the homeless problem by giving those with nowhere to go both dignity and opportunity. We are confident that our mission will attract clientele, which in turn provides the opportunity to put back into our community in order to create tangible social profits. Welcome to The Streets Barbershop!